I'm a product leader, designer, and founder in California.

Recent Work

Designing the behavior of products

A tool that helps cross-functional software design teams explore complex product behavior, before building things. Sketch out states, add prototypes, and clarify overlooked questions quickly.

Creating a new user interface design tool

A forward-thinking approach to UI design tooling, Subform aimed to shift the practice away from drawing static pictures of interfaces to working more closely with the constraints of the production medium.

Simplifying custom data visualizations

A grammar that empowered designers, journalists, and scientists to create elegant data graphics for the web, without writing any JavaScript.

Recent Writing

Managing Dynamic Layout at Design Time

Dynamic layout is a necessity for modern UIs. How can we make it easier to work with in a visual tool?

Better Grid Systems in UI Design Tools

Designers should be able to explore the consequences of grids visually—not just in code.

Are Grid Systems Still Relevant in Digital Product Design?

Design systems are more popular than ever, but formal grids don’t always translate well to UI/UX work.